Door Access Reader
Within a compound
Allocation Readers Wall Mounted Reader

The base, which supports the lockable bike stands, consists of a profiled steel plate. Each individual stand is formed from a rectangular steel tube, which carries a unique bracket.

The console that houses the control unit is made from Aluminium. The control equipment is a swipe card reader. The swipe card is a pay card. When the card is inserted into the reader the time of arrival is registered. When the bike is collected the equipment also registers the time of departure. The difference between the two determines the parking fee. The amount due is automatically deducted from the swipe card.

Allocation readers - The locks are allocated by a reader the reader is either a standing console or a wall mounted reader. Each reader will accommodate up to 50 locks.

Modular Lock Racks

Module Lock of 5 Racks

  • 5 Locks Module
  • 2500mm long x 688mm high x 300mm wide

Module Lock of 4 Racks

  • 4 Locks Module
  • 2000mm long x 688mm high x 300mm wide

Module Lock of 3 Racks

  • 3 Locks Module
  • 1500mm long x 688mm high x 300mm wide

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