The PLS SmartCard System has now been adapted for our motorcycle locks.

The base which supports the lockable motorcycle stands consists of a profiled steel plate.  Each individual stand is formed from a rectangular steel tube, which carries a unique bracket.

The console that houses the control unit is made from a steel sheet.  The control equipment is a swipe card reader.  The swipe card is a pay card.  When the card is inserted into the reader the time of arrival is registered. When the motorcycle is collected the equipment also registers the time of departure.  The difference between the two determines the parking fee.  The amount due is automatically deducted from the swipe card.

Not only do we specialise in Automated Motorcycle Security, we can now also offer you Thermal Ticketing Motorcycle Security.

Technical Drawing of the Automated Motorcycle Lock

The other options available with this model are coin operated and self locking.

Thermal Ticketing available for both systems